Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Introduction

I should admit to you, that this isn't my first blog. I've had others, and people even read them, but none of them were about money.

To be honest, though, I am not sure this blog is going to be 100% about money. That might get boring. Not that the rest of my life is soap opera material, or anything.

I started this blog because I am starting a new chapter in my life -- a new chapter as a homeowner. Well, partial homeowner. My salary and lifestyle are such that while I qualified for a decent-sized mortgage, I can't actually afford the whole payment without being house poor. Enter Mom and Dad, who are now co-owners of my new property. Think that co-owning property with your parents when you are in your early 30's is lame? Trying living alone in DC while working for a poor non-profit and then get back to me regarding my lameness. If you still think I am lame after that, that's OK, because I'm really happy with the arrangement. I get a great condo, and my parents get a great investment.

I like to contemplate and analyze money, my spending habits, DC real estate and such things, so I thought a blog would be a perfect place to do all that.

Stay tuned, relevant stats coming up.


  1. Hurray for more personal finance blogs! I added you to my blog roll, I'd love to be on yours too!

  2. I don't think that's lame at all, my parents loaned me the money for the down payment on my condo, otherwise I'd still be a renter too. I'm slowly paying them back, but every day I'm thankful that they were there to help me out. I look forward to seeing your progress and posts. :)

  3. LBC - Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I just added you as well.

    Change - Thanks for saying I'm not lame. :) It's good to know I am not the only one with great parents who can help their kids out financially. (PS, I added your blog to my blog roll as well)


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